What does Citizen Patrol Do?
We are non-sworn, uniformed volunteers whose duties include, but are not limited to, residential vacation checks, vehicle identification number checks and verification, handicap parking enforcement, abandoned vehicle eradication, special events, graffiti abatement, taking lost and found reports, being the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office.

How do I obtain Citizen Patrol Services?
You can call our office at 775-783-6466, 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Our office is located inside the Sheriff’s Office at 1038 Buckeye Road in Minden, Nevada. We are normally staffed by Citizen Patrol Report Writers Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5 P.M. except for holidays.

How do I become a member of Citizen Patrol?
We are always recruiting new volunteers for both Patrol and Report Writer duties. Our application can be down-loaded from our volunteer information page.

How old do you need to be to join Citizen Patrol?
A minimum of 21 years of age. Time availability and physical ability to safely conduct the required tasks are the greatest restrictions to most of our volunteers.

What is the minimum obligation required of Citizen Patrol Volunteers?
All we ask for is four (4) hours a week and regular attendance at monthly training meetings normally held at or near our main office in Minden.

Is there any training to become a Citizen Patrol Officer or Report Writer?
Yes, there is a comprehensive training program for Douglas County Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol Officers and Report Writers. Once you and we are confident you can function as Officer or Report Writer then we assign you to a partner for field patrol operations or an in-office shift as a Report Writer. Some of our volunteers do both tasks.

Where do Citizen Patrol Officers and Report Writers Work From?
Our main office is within the Douglas County (Nevada) Judicial and Law Enforcement Building located at 1038 Buckeye Road in Minden, Nevada.

Who supplies uniforms, equipment and vehicles for Citizen Patrol and Report Writers?
The Douglas County (Nevada) Sheriff’s Office.

Can I be a member of Citizen Patrol without going out into the field?
Yes, by becoming a Citizen Patrol Report Writer. Report Writers work in the Main Office by in-taking information and passing that report on to both our Citizen Patrol Officers and Deputy Sheriff’s.

How can I contribute to Citizen Patrol’s mission without joining?
Our various operations have expenses we cannot ask the Sheriff for. Direct donations of any amount are always appreciated.  Visit our donations page for more information.

Want to Join Our Team? If you are interested in participating and helping in the work we do, the first step is to complete and submit the application form. Following a background check, we conduct an interview to help us determine where your interests and abilities lie, and where you will best fit into our organization.
Douglas County Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol