Douglas County Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol

DCSCP Services

Citizen Patrol is a group of community-spirited citizens who provide a minimum of 16 hours of their time per month to assist the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office performing non-hazardous patrol duties.
Patrol Volunteers can be identified by their light blue shirts, navy blue trousers, and gold, blue and red shoulder sheriff emblem. Office Report Writers have a dark Navy Polo shirt with the Sheriff’s embroidered badge.

Citizen Patrol has various responsibilities, primarily non-hazardous duties, which have traditionally been performed by patrol deputies. This program, therefore, allows patrol deputies to perform the more hazardous duties that they have been trained to do; thus, helping the department to better achieve its goal of serving the community.

Some examples of the duties that the Citizen Patrol performs are:

  • Home vacation checks
  • VIN checks for purchased vehicles before registering at DMV
  • Handicap parking enforcement
  • Transporting DCSO vehicles to and from the maintenance facility
  • Assistance with special events such as Kid’s Fishing Derby, Pony Express, Drug Round-up, Law Enforcement Memorial and Parades
  • Office Report Writers take Lost and Found reports
  • Traffic control for Fires, Floods, other emergencies and requests for our Patrol services
  • Red Tagging and Impounding abandoned vehicles
  • Radar unit placement
  • Red curb parking enforcement
  • CareTrak maintenance
  • Locating and reporting of graffiti
  • Manning Phones at the Emergency Call center for floods, etc
  • Being the Eyes and Ears of the Sheriff’s Office
Want to Join Our Team? If you are interested in participating and helping in the work we do, the first step is to complete and submit the application form. Following a background check, we conduct an interview to help us determine where your interests and abilities lie, and where you will best fit into our organization.
Douglas County Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol